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flowers ann arbor, dexter, ypsilanti, saline, chelseaHere are some tips to make your flowers last and continue to give you enjoyment:

  • To make your own arrangement look more professional, or if your vase is too large, use clear tape to create a grid across the vase opening. This allows the flowers to stay where you put them and not fall to the edges.
  • If your flowers are looking a little old, re-cut them and put them in fresh water to make a compact centerpiece. Short-cut flowers last longer because the water has to travel a shorter distance up the stems. Remember to add flower food every time you change the water.
  • If your tulips are starting to fall over, a shot of vodka in the water will have them standing straight again.
  • To make your arrangements last longer, keep them away from heat sources like vents, appliances, and direct sunlight. Go a step further and put your arrangement in the refrigerator at night.


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